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The State Grid

This project is intensive training for the State Grid trainees from the different provinces of China, including explaining Weblogic to many senior technicians from the third party China Power and work in with the operation. It involves the content of Weblogic Server and S11. It also prepares the VMWare simulation ahead.

Hebei Electric Power

Closed training, which completely adopts the practical operation (mainly doing experiments) pattern to do intensive training and through fully interaction with instructors, strengthen, deeply understand and master the necessary knowledge and skills required for maintenance of the Weblogic middleware and the Oracle database.

Henan Electric Power

This project is prepared the trainees of Henan Electric Power for the State Grid ICT Cup Operation Match. The courses about it are specific and practical. It mainly involves the content of the A11 and S11 of Weblogic Server and prepares the VMWare simulation ahead.

Capital Airport

This project is developed on the IBM Websphere Platform. It is analyzed from the requirements of system, and the summary and detailed design, data planning, application architecture, interface definition, testing and integration plans are completely in control and implementation.

The Philippines: SafeWay

The project aims at moving the complex and traditional big machine CICS application, which is used for many years in American large retail groups,to the open platform based on Tuxedo. The project uses the Oracle's new product ART in the migration, and uses the COBOL and JCL language in the development. It is mainly implemented in the Philippines IT Center in English.

Singapore: StarHub

The project emphasizes particularly on integration and optimization of the schema and application and troubleshooting of famous telecom operators StarHub's Core EAI system in Singapore. It is based on the long established famous workflow products WLI, as well as its WebLogic Server, uses the Java language in the development and conducts mainly in the English working environment in Singapore.

Thailand: Dtac

The project aims at integrating, designing and reviewing the schema and application of Thailand's famous telecom operators Dtac and Siebel's business system. It is based on the famous Oracle Service Bus (OSB), as well as its WebLogic Server (WLS),uses the Java language in the development and conducts mainly in the English working environment in Thailand.

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