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Who we are ? 我们是谁

Beijing Landing Technologies Co.,Ltd. (short for Landing Technologies ), headquartered in Beijing, is a professional enterprise IT Service Provider.Mainly was founded by the original BEA after-sales department team.Landing Technologies stick to SaaS architecture based on artificial intelligence as the foundation, will become the leader and escort it business users, as their strategic goals and mission. Linkage to the north is currently concentrated in the field of IT artificial intelligence services to enhance and simplify management, never stop pursuing providing the professional IT service of obtaining high-quality, flexible, convenient and economical IT comprehensive optimization, the operational support, guarantee system operation and a series of professional IT services for the enterprise users.

Landing Technologies is Oracle's designated service providers in the world, the Partner of Level 1 (: Supplier ID: 508586).At the same time, the company is the Oracle's (China) official close partner now. We are closely cooperating with Oracle at the aspects of the database of Chinese clients and the implementation of middleware, furthermore, provide resources guaranteeing for providing database all over China and the service for middleware clients.

Since Landing Technologies sets up nearly eight years, we have provided State Grid (Hebei Electric Power Corporation, Electric Power of Henan, etc.), China Electric Power Research Institute,Capital Airport, the Quest (China) and forms of professional services about middleware and database. And our clients are very satisfied with the quality of our expert resources and results of services.

Note:Oracle(甲骨文)的sales partners(OPN)is numerous,There are thousands of them.However,the after sales partners(Supplier) is extremely rare.

What is our goal ? 我们的目标是什么

  • Strategic Mission: Be the enterprise users' IT "escort"; Provide all-weather all-round service support for the enterprises.
  • Company Positioning: The third party software service providers;Providing the most professional middleware and database operations services for the sake of covering the key software supporting platform of enterprise information system.
  • Service Concept: Focus on the IT services, provide cheap, efficient, convenient, economical, professional service for enterprise users.
  • Business Scope: middleware, database, storage, network software and hardware, etc.

What is our advantage ? 我们的优势是什么

  • Oracle global service suppliers, Level 1 Supplier ID: 508586
  • Good technical reserves, with great scale of engineer team
  • Customer application experience: involve many areas, including banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, etc
  • High-end service team: all-weather all-round follow up

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